Tender at the Bone


Tender at the Bone

by Ruth Reichl

August 2015

I have newly added Ruth Reichl to my list of top favorite authors. It all started when I saw a friend of a friend post on Facebook about Reichl’s first fiction book, Delicious. She made it sound very interesting, so I got it from the library. The book was amazing . . .a blog post about it will follow soon, so no spoilers here! It was so good, that I am now set on reading all of her other books. Tender at the Bone is Reichl’s first book – a memoire. To put it simply: the book was beautifully written and amazing. She sets up her story by saying how sometimes the truth needs to be elaborated on a bit it to make it a good story, so her story is the truth, but might be slightly altered. Reichl weaves her story with humor and an intensity that makes it almost impossible to put the book down. She tells her story vibrantly and it is inspiring and thought provoking. I came away from the book thinking about how to face some of my fears and how precious each day of our lives is. I also was inspired to try new foods (the entire book revolved around food and cooking). This is the type of book (along with Delicious) that you keeping thinking about over and over even after you’ve finished reading it. I seriously cannot get enough of this author and I will be onto book number three very soon! Can’t wait! I hope you make an opportunity to read one of Reichl’s books . . .I doubt very much you’ll be disappointed!

Summing it up: I loved the book and I would recommend it!

All the best, Abbey


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