The Railway Children


The Railway Children

by  E. Nesbit

September 2015

I have a confession. I love reading children’s books! As a result, there will be a fair amount of posts on them, as well as young adult fiction. 😉 In truth, I love reading a wide range of genres, so you’ll see a little bit of everything. I’d love to know what your favorite genre is! What do you come back to time after time and what do you stay away from? The Railway Children is one of those books that literally jumped into my hands as I walked by the shelf. (Side note – there’s nothing like wandering the isles of the library looking at the different bindings and hoping one will be lucky enough to take home!) I mean look at this binding!! 20150906_142525How could I resist? I couldn’t. The name of the author bothered me as well; I couldn’t shake the feeling I’d read something by her before. Sure enough, I have read one other book – The Enchanted Castle. I read it as a teenager, and I remember liking it except the ending, but I don’t remember the ending, or much else, at this point. I’ll just have to read it again! Back to The Railway Children!  It was a charming book about three young siblings who find themselves and their mother reduced to poverty when their father mysteriously disappears. Throughout the book the children make friends, however unlikely, help others, and work on the mystery of their father’s disappearance, which is solved right at the end. Nesbit writes with the honesty and humor of someone looking at the story from the outside, but also knowing just what each character is feeling/thinking. She also talks right to the reader throughout the story, which is sweet and fun. There is a tone to her writing that I have not heard before. The best way to describe it is, charming. Overall, a sweet and lovely little book.


Summing it up: I really liked this book and I’d recommend it if you enjoy children’s books!

All the best, Abbey


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