Maisie Dobbs


Maisie Dobbs

by Jacqueline Winspear

October 2015

I believe I’ve mentioned that I’m a part of a book club. We meet monthly, are super laid back, read a wide variety of genres, and eat amazing treats! Our monthly meetings are so cathartic for me and this club is what single-handedly keeps me reading when life is crazy and tumultuous. Like this month: we recently moved to a different town (about 45 min away) to a house that was a partial gut job (meaning two months of my husband working every spare minute before we moved). I have not read anything but my book club book in October! And, actually I read this after we had moved in, in about 3 or 4 days. So, thank you, book club! 🙂

Maisie Dobbs was such a nice reprieve from the craziness of moving. I’ll say right away that Winspear’s writing style did not appeal to me at certain times. The way she described the characters, how they thought and talked was at times a little odd to me. You might pick up on that too, or it might be my own personal quirk, but I would not dissuade anyone from reading Maisie Dobbs. It was a delightful little mystery with heart and suspense. There are a handful of characters that are kind and genuine, making the book warm, inviting, and a joy to keep reading. Those few for me are namely, Carter, Cook, Frankie, Billy, Simon, and Maisie herself. Overall, I really enjoyed how Winspear wove the story. She divided it really interestingly (it was a little confusing while in the midst of reading, but I liked it after I finished), with a large flashback in the middle of the book. She had a lot of little details that were very clever and sweet, like those coincidences life brings where you realize the world is small. The connection between Maisie, Simon, and Billy was my favorite, and second was Priscilla’s story line. I really liked that she tied up her loose ends . . .that was very satisfying and part of what would make me read another one of her books. Which, actually, I’m going to do because I’ve already requested it from the library. Stay tuned!

Summing it up: there were some flaws, but I really enjoyed (and sped through) this book and I look forward to reading the other ten books in the series! I’d recommend it easily.

All the best, Abbey


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