Once Upon a Flock: Life With My Soulful Chickens



Once Upon a Flock

by Lauren Scheuer

January 2016

Oh, my! This was the cutest, sweetest little book! I picked it up because I’m considering getting chickens. I’m reading a lot (and pinning a lot on Pinterest-one of my favorite things of all time). This book looked so happy on the shelf that I had to bring it home. I loved it. I read it in a matter of hours. Once Upon a Flock reads like a novel with a ton of photos/illustrations throughout (the author is also an artist). It is her story of getting three chicks and raising them, along with all the joys and difficulties that ensue. Her story was very helpful to me as a hopeful chicken owner because she talks about the day in and day out of keeping chickens, and all that entails. I think this is a great book for chicken owning hopefuls, as well as an enjoyable little story for anyone. And here are some pictures because they were so wonderful!!




Summing it up: This book was very sweet, funny, helpful, and enjoyableI highly recommend it!

All the best, Abbey


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