The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion


The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion

by Elle Luna

February 2016


In my humble opinion, I think everyone should read this book. The Crossroads of Should and Must was compelling, insightful, and honest. Luna is straightforward in her approach to this topic, which makes it a quick, inspiring read. The basic premise is that as individuals we are surrounded by thoughts and opinions of what we should do, but we all have a calling for what we must do. This brings us to a crossroads of deciding between what we should and must do. Luna elaborates and poses questions to ask yourself what the shoulds are and whether they need to be ignored, or if they are valid (for you). Then, she addresses how to determine your must — questions to ask yourself things to do, etc:


Finally, she talks about how to follow through when you know what your must is. How to balance that with the reality of life (such as needing to earn a living to support yourself and any family, while pursuing your must-if the two are different things). I really respected how Luna addressed the realities we all face. This was not simply a “feel good by running off and following your heart” book. It was a hands on, practical way to determine your calling and follow it in order to be fulfilled as a person. Inspiring.



Summing it up:  I’m thoroughly impressed and compelled to figure out my should and must. And I can’t recommend this book highly enough!!

All the best, Abbey


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