Into Thin Air



Into Thin Air

by Jon Krakauer

February 2016

Into Thin Air was a gripping narrative of “the Mt. Everest Disaster.” This book is my town book club’s pick, so you all know what that means by now! It means that I went into this book ignorant of both hiking and Mt. Everest — embarrassingly ignorant. Consequently, I was amazed (not in a good way) at how anyone would want to attempt to “conquer” Mt. Everest! I learned a lot: from the length of time to get acclimated, to how many times they went up and down and then up again in order to acclimate, to the number of deaths in the groups on the mountain that day being a “small” percentage. That anyone would be drawn to Mt. Everest is incredible to me. But, I’m not that type of an adventurous person. 😉 The shock of all this new knowledge aside, I really enjoyed reading the book. I was totally engaged in Krakauer’s writing style and finished the book in a few days. He wrote in an unattached way, which was good for someone as emotional as me — I did not feel super attached to people, so it felt as though I was more of a cold observer. Though ironically, I felt as if I was there every step of the way. That dichotomy has been my lasting impression of the book and I can’t sort out what I think of it. I thoroughly enjoyed Into Thin Air, but should I have? It’s truly a “disaster,” but it’s compelling and fascinating. It’s left me in a bit of a quandary, funnily enough! So . . .

Summing it up: I would recommend it. Krakauer is a gifted author and the subject matter, while tragic, is also fascinating.

All the best, Abbey


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