Paris Letters


Paris Letters

by Janice Macleod

March 2016

Paris Letters was a beautiful, quick little read and I loved every second of it! I don’t remember how this got on my list, but presumably it was because I’m drawn to anything French! I also love anything on the topic of decluttering and following your dreams . . .both of which were a part of Macleod’s story. Janice is a copywriter at an ad agency where she is unhappy. She begins to journal for a year as a New Year’s resolution, but finds that writing helps her see clearly and make decisions. Through this she determines that it’s time to leave her job, so she begins decluttering and selling her possessions and saving money so she can live for a year without working. Before long, she has sold all but the absolute necessities and travels to Europe, beginning and ending in Paris. It’s through this trip that she finds herself, as well as love and a vocation. I find her story moving in part because she is simply inspiring and also because she is so down to earth. It’s inspiring to read about someone who is unhappy, but decides to do something about it, rather than just accept being unhappy. It’s courageous. I also love how real Janice is – she is very relatable and is also realistic and responsible (like when she saves her money initially or when she needs to start earning money again) – it makes you think that you could do it to. And that is what I most loved about reading Janice’s story of her life so far: she welcomes you into her life and makes you believe that you can find yourself, and therefore happiness too!

Summing it up: I absolutely recommend this book! It was a delight to read.

All the best, Abbey


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