Eleanor and Park


Eleanor and Park

by Rainbow Rowell

April 2016

I read Eleanor and Park for my MOMS club book club. A few of the other moms have already read it and they said it was a quick, sweet read and they were right. I read it cover to cover on a lazy Saturday (my husband is an angel to let me read so much on a Saturday!). I got completely swept away by Rowell’s story-telling. She has the ability to switch between Eleanor and Park’s point of view in such an easy, believable way. I really enjoyed that style of “hearing” what was going on in both of their heads during the same conversation. It was such a creative way to tell their story. I also enjoyed their love story. Watching them progress from dislike to begrudging friendship to friendship to love was so sweet and endearing and simply captivating. I was very moved by their lives and how difficult and different their families were, especially Eleanor’s. I was touched by Park’s parents and how they accepted Eleanor. And I was so, so sad at the end when they said goodbye, even though it was best for Eleanor. My only complaint was the very, very end. It was too ambiguous for me. I really think that they end up together, but it just drops at the end and leaves you guessing. Has anyone else read this gem of a book? If so, what is your take on the “three words long” postcard from Eleanor? I hope so much it’s, “I love you!”

Summing it up: I absolutely recommend this book! It was a quick, delightful read.

All the best, Abbey


7 thoughts on “Eleanor and Park

  1. I’m glad that you liked it. After this, I recommend the rest of Rowell’s books (in my opinion, Fangirl is probably her weakest book, but it’s worth reading anyway so you can get her latest release – Carry On) and then some of Melissa Keil’s books, of which include “Life In Outer Space” and “The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl”, both of which are written in the same vein and just as good as Eleanor and Park. Oh, and the author of Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda has been hailed as the result if Rainbow Rowell and John Green had a live child, and that is definitely recommended too! Great review 😀

    – Paul at The Galaxial Word


    1. Thank you! Yes, I totally agree . . . it’s so annoying to be left wondering!! I loved your discussion page . . .I hadn’t thought of looking up interviews, though apparently Rowell isn’t giving anything up lol! Other than “those three words” I loved the book, so I guess I can live with the ending being vague – haha!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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