by Chris Dyer

May 2016

Wanderlust fell into my hands while perusing the library. As is my usual tendency, I was intrigued by the cover which prompted me to bring it home! What a cute, fun little book. It was like reading a chick flick. You had the basic premise of ‘girl can’t find love,’ combined with the usual characters, ‘mother, boss, best friend, and love interest times 2,’ concluding with a ‘happy ending.’ The whole story was very clever, if not a little predictable (which is saying something because I rarely see things coming, so perhaps it was very predictable). The entire book was a series of emails between the protagonist, Kate, and the above mentioned list of characters. There was a lot of humor and it was a quick read. I found it a little silly, but in a fun, easy-to-read way (not a downside for me, but if you dislike “fluff” then you probably wouldn’t enjoy it). All, in all, it was fun, light reading and a thoroughly enjoyable story! I really liked it and I loved having a happy story to get caught up in.

Spoiler: Kate has never had luck in love and with the help of her gambling mother and best friend, she gets caught up with two lovers – her ex-husband and a British reporter. Kate herself is a travel writer and while traveling around the world, has to figure out love and where her life is going. In the end, she chooses Maxwell the reporter, and they are the perfect fit. She has many humorous encounters along they way, including loosing her cat to the downstairs shut-in, and watching her mother and boss fall in love. In the end, she is helped by those who love her and is able to follow her heart. 🙂

Summing it up: I definitely recommend Wanderlust if you enjoy light, quick, fun books!

All the best, Abbey


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