Being Committed


Being Committed

by Anna Maxted

May 2016

Being Committed was another book that grabbed me by its cover! I knew nothing about it, but in the end I really liked it. Being Committed is British literature, and other than the “classics,” I haven’t read anything like it. The vocabulary was very different, but it wasn’t a distraction, rather it was really interesting and engaging . I found Maxted to be quite hilarious, as well as deep and real. The story follows Hannah, a down and out P.I. who has a dysfunctional family and difficult personal life because of it. Hannah was married at twenty and divorced soon after. She has never been able to truly commit to anyone because of her past. (Spoiler: her mother had postnatal depression after having Hannah, which her father refused to recognize. As a result, Angela had an affair, making Robert so furious that he allowed Hannah to discover her mother in the act. Ever since, Hannah can’t open up and has a distant relationship with Angela.) Through a serious of events, Hannah is forced to delve into her past and learn what really happened and the truth of why she can’t commit. In the end, she grows as a person and changes for the better, helping her family (except her father) change as well. (Spoiler: she reconciles with her ex-husband, Jack, and they get back together. She revives her relationship with her mother and recognizes her father as the narcissist he truly is.)

I loved how Maxted was able to take heavy family issues and describe them in their ugly reality, but mold the issues into a heartwarming story filled with humor and heart. Hannah is the type of heroine that you want to see succeed and grow. It is a very satisfying story and my only complaint is that it seemed to drag on a bit at parts and feel like a “long” read. I really enjoyed it though and I will definitely read more of Maxted!

Summing it up: I definitely recommend this book! It was a fascinating book filled with humor and heart.

All the best, Abbey


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