A Paris Apartment



A Paris Apartment

by Michelle Gable

June 2016

I loved this book. I am drawn to anything French, so it was no surprise I came home with A Paris Apartment. I find I’m also drawn to stories where the protagonist grows and becomes more confident in themselves and who they are, which was a focal point in the plot. And to top it all off, the writing was fluid, natural, and wonderful to get lost in.

The story follows April, a New York auction house appraiser who is having a difficult time mending her marriage after her husband confesses to a one night stand. She is given the opportunity to appraise an estate in Paris for a month and jumps on it. She wants have some room to breathe and figure out her feelings. Once in Paris, April dives into the enormous apartment filled with pristine antiques. She is immediately caught up in finding out about the owner and why the apartment has been immaculately preserved. On a shelf are journals written by Marthe de Florian, the original owner of the apartment. April pours into the journals, getting lost in the colorful life of Marthe, an orphan who rose to wealth with a little luck, a little shrewdness, and plentiful good looks. As April delves into Marthe’s life, she is confronted with her own and must decide if she can move past her husband’s unfaithfulness, or not. Spoiler: As April struggles with her marriage, she meats a dashing Frenchman. He helps her immensely with learning Marthe’s fully story and ensuring the auction’s success. She ends up having a one night stand with him, which in turn helps her decide what she really wants. She also has a complicated family life – her mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s when April was 14. While she is in Paris, her mother dies and she returns home where she finds healing with her father, and starts to repair her marriage. In the end, she returns to Paris for a successful auction and decides to work on her marriage.

Summing it up: I definitely recommend this book! I loved how the story alternated between April’s story and Marthe’s. It was beautifully written and whisked me away.

All the best, Abbey


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