The Corinthian



The Corinthian

by Georgette Heyer

July 2016

The Corinthian swept me away immediately. I got lost in the characters, the language, the age, and especially the humor. Georgette Heyer is a master of effortlessly combining romance and humor. I loved everything about this book. I was so hooked that I stayed up until 2 am in order to finish!

The story takes place in London during the Regency Period. Sir Richard Wyndham is a 29 year old bachelor being pressured into marrying someone he does not love. He is wealthy, quite a dandy, and unwilling to settle down. Penelope Creed (Pen) is a 17 year old heiress who is being forced to marry her cousin, a “fish face,” whom she despises. One night, she decides to escape out her window, only to fall into the arms of  Richard (who has decided to give up love and marry for convenience, but is miserable about it). They quickly decided to “escape” together, Richard escorting Pen to her true love. Along the way they meet many characters and get into many hilarious scrapes before ending quite happily for everyone.

Summing it up: I highly recommend this book! It was a humorous, lighthearted, perfect read for the summer.

All the best, Abbey


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