The Girl On The Train


The Girl On The Train

by Paula Hawkins

June 2016

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write about The Girl on the Train, but I’m finally sitting down to do it before I forget too much. I will always remember The Girl on the Train fondly because it is the first thriller I’ve read, and as an introduction to the genre, it got me hooked. I really liked this book. I immediately felt for Rachel because she was so depressed and in such a bad spot in life. I wanted her to find happiness. I love that through her ups and downs she came out on top. I also loved the twists in this book . . . wow . . .I was totally caught off guard and I loved the surprise of a huge plot twist (it’s addicting!). While parts of the plot were sad or disturbing, overall I really enjoyed The Girl on the Train and I’m seriously thinking about seeing the movie!

Spoilers mixed in the plot: Rachel is down and out — she is an alcoholic, jobless, divorced, and purposeless. She just wants her life to go back to the way it was when she was married and happy. So, she rides the train, which passes by her old house that her husband and his new wife live in, pretending to go to and from work. Most days she sees a couple that live near her old house. They seem perfectly in love and happy until one day she sees the wife, Megan, embracing another man. A few days later Megan is reported missing and Rachel feels like she needs to solve the case, especially since she was in town the night of the disappearance, only she was blackout drunk and can only remember bits and pieces. In her research she learns that Megan used to be a nanny for Tom and Anna (Rachel’s ex-husband and his wife). She also learns that Tom was having an affair with Megan (ironic because he had an affair with Anna when he was married to Rachel). Soon, Rachel pieces together the mystery. Tom killed Anna because she was pregnant and wanted to be more than an affair with Tom. Tom is a malicious, devious liar, who has made Rachel believe things about herself that are not true for years. He never loved her and never told her the truth about anything, including his family and past. He repeated the same pattern with Anna and with Megan and is finally caught in his lies.

Summing it up: I highly recommend this book! It was a great thriller and a very quick read.

All the best, Abbey


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