by Colleen Hoover

July 2016

Oh. My. Goodness. Confess was incredible . . . I read it in two and a half hours straight. Reading it was like cooking an important meal – you start off excited and full of hope, but as you get in you’re fraught with anxiety wondering if it will turn out all right, and then you finish up with a grand success. Hoover, in my opinion is brilliant. Her writing scoops you up and transports you to the middle of the story. She is descriptive and creative. Her plot was fast-paced and unexpected. I would say a cross between a romance and thriller. And you know you’ve got me when the ending is tied up in a pretty bow, which is exactly what Hoover did. I cannot wait to devour her other books.

My summary will contain a lot of spoilers . . . I can’t help it with this one! 😉 The story follows lovers Auburn and Owen. Auburn is 21 and recently moved to Texas to be with her son, who is under a friend’s custody. Auburn is doing everything she can to be with him and get custody. Back when she was 15 she fell in love with a boy named Adam and got pregnant, before she new of her pregnancy Adam died. It’s Adam’s mother, Lydia, who has custody (and who is not very nice to Auburn). Owen is also 21 and is a talented and popular artist. He paints people’s confessions. The following is entitled: I will love you forever, even when I can’t.


They meet when Owen is having a show for his art and needs someone to handle the sales. Auburn is there at the right time and takes the job. From there on, they struggle to be together. Owen holds a secret that is keeping them a part. His father has been addicted to drugs ever since Owen’s mother and brother died in a car crash (a drunk driver hit them when Owen was driving). One night Owen picks up his dad (who is drunk and carrying drugs) and takes him home. On the way they get pulled over and Owen takes the fall for his dad and goes to prison. Because he is a “criminal” Auburn can’t be with him if she wants a chance at getting custody for her son. To make it even more suspenseful, Adam’s brother Trey is the police officer who arrested Owen and who is also trying to get Auburn to fall in love with him (side note: he is an awful person!!). Auburn feels like she needs to be with him for her son’s sake, but is torn because of her love for Owen.

Ending: Ahhh, it was perfect! Trey sets up Auburn and Owen and they fall for it. Owen gets arrested, but on the way Auburn secretly records Trey confessing to all the awful things he’s done. She gets Owen’s dad (who is a lawyer – that’s why Owen took the fall), and they use the confession to get Trey to drop the charges against Owen and Lydia to sign over custody to Auburn. Then, Owen and Auburn get to be together with Auburn’s son! It was the best ending . . . I read it twice.

Summing it up: I highly recommend this book! It was so good. I’m in awe of Hoover’s ability and genius and I just can’t get over how amazing Confess was. I will be reading it again (which, frankly I almost never do with a book)!

All the best, Abbey


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