The Gallery


The Gallery

by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

July 2016

The Gallery was such a cute book. I loved it. I found it in the juvenile fiction section and (surprise, surprise) took it out because of it’s cover. I am really enjoying books geared for middle school aged kids. There’s something about them that is so serious in a lighthearted way. What I mean is, it’s a lighthearted plot, perhaps a bit outlandish, but the young heroine or hero takes things very seriously and must “save the day” even when the adults think it’s crazy (but of course those adults come around in the end). It’s just delightful and a great way to get caught up in a fun story. I’m very impressed by Fitzgerald’s way with words and ability to create clever, interesting characters. She moves the story along at a steady pace and pulls you into her story with ease.

The plot follows 12 year old heroine, Martha, a maid in a fancy New York house in the 1920’s. Her mother is the housekeeper and the owners are a newspaper tycoon and his mad wife. Or is she mad? Martha is determined to find out. Spoiler: Martha figures out that Rose (the wife) is in fact being poisoned and not actually mad at all. She sets about to rescue her, but when they get discovered Martha believes all to be lost. Rose however (along with Martha’s mother) is not deterred and uses a market crash to force her husband to leave town so she can start a life of her own.

This book is just so clever and fun and I’m going to read Fitzgerald’s other book, Under the Egg. Anyone else read either book? I’d love to know what you thought!

Summing it up: I highly recommend this book! It was clever, fun and an all around great read.

All the best, Abbey


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