The Food Babe Way


The Food Babe Way

by Vani Hari

July 2016

I am regularly, steadily thinking about health and food and fitness and how my family can be healthy and strong. I’ve been following Vani Hari here and there for a while, so I was curious about her book. I finally made the effort to pick it up and sure enough it was very interesting. Hari is passionate about discovering all the ingredients in everything she puts into her body. She is against “foods” that have a long ingredient list full of chemicals, products including GMOs, and antibiotics and other additives. She has done an incredible amount of research and included it in her book. I really enjoyed her style for the most part and I found her facts and way of eating fascinating and helpful. I don’t believe/agree with everything she says, but I think this book had a great amount of insight. I really liked how she categorized food groups and had a lot of science to back up what she said. There are so many chemicals that Hari defines by other places they are found, i.e. “azodicarbonamide, the yoga mat chemical.” This is helpful at first to understand that the ingredient is not food, but it’s so redundant and in and out of her entire book that it got annoying fast!

Summing it up: I’d recommend this book if you are curious about what’s in your food and are looking for options without chemicals/additives. It was a quick, informative read!

All the best, Abbey


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