The Art of Arranging Flowers


The Art of Arranging Flowers

by Lynne Branard

July 2016

This book was beautiful. I love flowers, so I was very curious to see what kind of story The Art of Arranging Flowers was. Simply put, it was a story of opening up yourself to love, especially after heartache, and experiencing the beauty of love. This book reminded me a lot of The Language of Flowers. One, because the protagonist in both stories is a florist, and two, because of the tone. It was such a beautiful, sweet, moving story. I was drawn in at the first chapter and hooked until the end. I’m having a hard time leaving the characters. I read the book in one day, so I keep thinking about them and feeling like I’m going to go back to them, but then I remember I finished the book! Even though it had a nice, wrapped up ending, I still can’t get the characters out of my head. I was moved by each one of the characters’ journeys, their kindness for each other in this little town, and how they grew and learned. Spoilers: Ruby is a 45 year old florist in the small town of Creekside. She knows everyone, but has never let anyone get close to her since her sister, Daisy, passed away. One day, she meets a 10 year old boy, Will, who has been orphaned and is now living in Creekside with his grandparents. He asks Ruby for a job and she reluctantly agrees. Before long, Will has logged a place in Ruby’s heart that she can’t deny. Meanwhile, she meets a retired astronaut who shows her that she can open up to people and be happy and okay. Through her friendship with him, she slowly opens up to love. In the end, she adopts Will, falls in love with the Vet in town, and has a very happy life.

The Art of Arranging Flowers was a simply beautiful book. I just loved it.

Summing it up: I highly recommend this book. It was moving, beautiful, and a delightful read!

All the best, Abbey


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