Ugly Love


Ugly Love

by Colleen Hoover

August 2016

I fell into another Colleen Hoover book, and it was, per usual, very good. I didn’t love it as much as Confess or November 9, but I still got swept away and loved the ending especially. Hoover once again created dynamic, interesting characters and a deeply moving plot with some difficult and challenging content. But, because of the challenges, her characters grow and all the pieces of her story fall together.

Tate is going back to school for her master’s degree and is working full-time, so she moves in with her brother, Corbin. On her very first night she meets his neighbor, Miles, who is passed out drunk on Corbin’s doorstep. She helps him out and in the days that follow they realize their great attraction for each other and kiss. Tate is falling head over heals, but Miles is distant and explains that he’s not interested in love. His two rules are no questions about the past and none about the future. Sex is all he can give and all he can promise. Tate is too far gone to disagree, but still, she hopes he’ll change. As time goes on, Tate realizes that something big is holding Miles back from loving her, even though she’s pretty sure he wants to. They continue their relationship of only sex and Tate continues to hope, only to get hurt when Miles continues to keep his walls up. Finally, they reach their breaking point, and Tate leaves their “arrangement.” Miles, through the advice of Cap (his apartment’s elevator “flight captain,” and one of the few people who Miles trusts for advice), realizes that he has to face his past. Spoilers: Six years earlier, he was 18 and in love, having just had a son with the love of his life, Rachel. They get into a horrible car accident and his son dies. Soon after, Rachel leaves him because of the pain and Miles has had to live with all of this, choosing to never love again, so he never gets hurt again. After Tate leaves, he finds Rachel to find closure. She knows exactly what he needs when he shows up. Rachel tells him how she thought she could never love again either, until she met her husband. She learned to love again and is happily married with a baby girl. When Miles realizes that Rachel is okay and is not torn up like him, he is able to let go and allow himself to love. He runs back to Tate and tells her he loves her and wants her to know everything about his past and to be a part of his future, and she of course agrees. I absolutely love how the story is told from Tate’s point of view, and flashbacks of Miles’ point of view from when he was 18, but at the end it switches and everything is told from Miles’ point of view. He tells the reader how he dates Tate for 6 months and then asks her to move in with him and proposes to her at the same time. They get married and soon after have a baby girl. Miles is hit with overwhelming love when he holds her for the first time, and not the fear he expected. It is a beautiful ending and I totally cried a bunch!

Summing it up: as much as there was basically one challenging part, I really enjoyed this book and loved the ending! If you’re already a Hoover fan, definitely read it, and if not, read Confess first!

All the best, Abbey


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