The Book Thief


The Book Thief

by Markus Zusak

September 2016

I have mixed feelings about The Book Thief. I didn’t really enjoy the writing style at first and it wasn’t the happiest story. However, once I got into the style, I did enjoy following Liesel’s story and her life. So, I’m definitely on the fence between liking it and disliking it.

Liesel is an 11 year old German girl who is orphaned in WWII and adopted by another German family. She soon makes friends and learns how to read, which starts a trend of stealing books. The book follows Liesel’s life full of friendship, family, and more book stealing. Spoilers: Liesel makes a positive impact on everyone around her from her parents, to a young Jew (Max) they hide in their basement, and to her neighbors. Towards the end of the book, their town is getting bombed and every time a bunch of the neighbors huddle in one of their basements and Liesel reads to everyone to keep everyone calm. Then one night Liesel is in her basement writing (Max had to leave) and the town gets bombed before the sirens can go off to warn everyone. So, everyone in the town dies, but Liesel lives. She is heartbroken, but later Max survives and finds her. The whole story is narrated by “death.”

Summing it up: It’s a very different, interesting book, which is why I have mixed feelings. So, I think I’d recommend it if you’re interested in WWII. Has anyone else read this one? What did you think?

All the best, Abbey


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