One For The Money


One For The Money

by Janet Evanovich

September 2016

I recently got a part-time job at a library nearby and one of my favorite things about the job is meeting people and talking books . . . I love giving recommendations and I love getting them back! One For The Money was one such recommendation from a patron. I was curious to read about this bounty hunter who doesn’t like guns, and I ended up mostly liking the book. I loved the writing and I really enjoyed all the twists and turns of the plot, but mostly I loved the humor! I was literally laughing out loud reading it. The only thing I did not like at all was this one particular character who is a sadist/rapist and who does some gruesome awful things that definitely freaked me out (caution: do not read at night or alone!). Aside from him, I loved the main character, Stephanie Plum, and I am looking forward to continuing the series.

Stephanie Plum is jobless and becoming penniless and has to find a solution to her financial strain. She lives in New Jersey with family near by and gets talked into applying for a job at her cousin’s Bail Bonding Company, but when she arrives the filing job she was going for is already taken. Her cousin’s secretary suggests doing skip tracing (finding people who have skipped out on their court date and bringing them in to the police). It’s dangerous, but lucrative. One particular case is worth $10,000.00 if Stephanie can find him and bring him in. The only catch? He is an ex-policeman and a former fling of Stephanie’s, but she is determined to get him. Throughout her unsuccessful attempts to find this Joseph Morelli, she is often helped by the shifty, but kind, Ranger, and gets caught up in the nefarious schemes of boxer, Ramirez, who would like nothing better than to torture her. Stephanie keeps at it though. She catches a few men to bring in, almost gets murdered a few times, and finds Morelli regularly (but can never bring him in). Spoilers: Soon, Joe gets so frustrated with Stephanie getting in his way, he decides to get her to work with him (he is trying to prove he is innocent of murder, which is why he’s hiding from the cops). Stephanie agrees and in the end they figure out the real criminal: Ramirez’ manager. He is caught up in a drug and money laundering scheme and needs to keep Ramirez fighting, but Ramirez is constantly getting distracted by women and hurting them, so it’s a tough job to keep him out of jail. Stephanie is making it worse because she has proof of what Ramirez is capable of and is getting the police involved. But before the manager can kill Stephanie, she shoots him (she has been scared of her gun the entire book), and then the police come and are able to wrap everything up, including locking up Ramirez. Stephanie gets shot in the process, but recovers well and is happy (in a way) she helped exonerate Joe (who she has very mixed feelings about – he can be nice or obnoxious to her).

Summing it up: I loved the humor and heart of this book, but I would definitely caution any reader Ramirez: he is absolutely horrible and it is not easy to read the things he does. He made the book creepy!

All the best, Abbey


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