Anna and the French Kiss


Anna and the French Kiss

by Stephanie Perkins

September 2016

I kept hearing good things about Anna and the French Kiss and I was so curious about it. Everyone loved it and I definitely see what all the fuss is about . . .I loved it too! I thought it was sweet, funny, endearing, and so touching. I was a little annoyed at one of the main characters, Étienne, was way too “wishy washy” at points, but it still didn’t diminish how much I enjoyed this book. I loved the writing, the plot, the characters, and the setting. It was just such a good book!

Anna is getting ready to go back to school when her dad announces that she will be attending the American School in Paris for her senior year. Anna is very upset, but there is nothing she can do. She is shipped off and left to find her way at a new school in a new country. It is difficult and scary, but Anna soon makes friends and begins to explore the city by the side of one in particular, Étienne. He is an American with a British accent, who also has a French father, so he knows all about Paris and the amazing things to see and do, and he is more than happy to show Anna around. Étienne has a girlfriend, so Anna must settle for friendship even though she wants so much more than that. As the year goes on, Anna falls more and more for Étienne, and he seems to be falling for her as well, even though he has a girlfriend. Spoilers: after many back and fourths, and quite a few misunderstandings, they finally get their feelings out in the open and Étienne breaks up with his girlfriend so they can be together. Étienne has a difficult home life which makes it hard for him to change and let go (his father is very controlling and is a miserable human being who keeps Étienne and his mother a part, even when she is diagnosed with cancer). So, it is hard for him to leave his girlfriend, even though they are not doing well, because he is afraid to let go. When he finally stands up for himself and doesn’t let fear get in his way, he is able to move forward with his life, including being with Anna and standing up to his father about his mother and where he wants to go to college. The story is also filled with the beautiful sights of Paris which makes Anna falls in love with the city. She is sad to leave at the end of the year, but she and Étienne will be going to colleges in CA that are not far from each other, so she also has that to look forward to. It is a beautiful ending to a sweet and endearing book.

Summing it up: I loved this book and I hear there are two more books in this series, so I can’t wait to read them as well. I highly recommend it!!

All the best, Abbey


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