Dark Places


Dark Places

by Gillian Flynn

October 2016

After reading Gone Girl I was so excited to read another one of Gillian Flynn’s novels, but I was so disappointed. It took me a while (probably over 2/3rds) to really get into the book, and even then, I just kept reading because I knew there was a twist and I wanted resolution. Truly, I almost gave up about 5-6 times. I couldn’t really get behind Libby’s character. She was so lazy and unmotivated that I wanted to shake her. It wasn’t until the ending that I “enjoyed” the book. The pace picked up and Libby stopped being apathetic (it was a huge relief). I also felt like the book was somber and quite graphic, which I did not love. The ending saved the book for me (it was more interesting and happier than the rest of the book), but as a whole I did not like Dark Places.

Libby is the only living member of her immediate family after they were horrendously murdered when she was a little girl. She has believed it was her brother who killed everyone. He is behind bars, so she is safe to live her quite life of growing anonymity. Libby has lived off charity money for years, but is finally coming to the end of her cash and needs to make money. Opportunity presents itself when a group of “fans” approach her to buy her family’s artifacts. Through this group Libby is faced with her past as she learns that not everyone believes her brother is guilty. What starts with a simple desire to keep her home/lifestyle, morphs into a quest to find out what really happened. Spoilers: Long story short, Libby’s brother, Ben is not guilty. His pregnant girlfriend strangles one of his sisters when she overhears about the pregnancy. The same night, Libby’s mother arranges to have herself killed by a professional because she is losing her farm and has no money to support her four kids. But the murder goes wrong when her other daughter walks in on it, so the professional kills her as well as the mom. Libby runs away and Ben gets convicted. Years later, Libby tracks down Ben’s old girlfriend and learns the truth. She almost gets killed herself, but it comes alright in the end.

Summing it up: I did not love the gore and heavy tone of the book and Libby’s life. There was so little hope or happiness until the end that I would not recommend it. Anyone feel the same way, or did you love it? Is it worth reading Flynn’s third novel? 😉

All the best, Abbey


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