“A” is for Alibi


“A” is for Alibi

by Sue Grafton

October 2016

Well, I might slowly be turning into a mystery book lover. Which is hysterical, because up until now I have not enjoyed mystery books at all. They’re too creepy. ūüėČ But now that I’ve delved into thrillers, mystery books are starting to be enjoyable (as long as they’re¬†not too graphic or creepy . . . baby steps!). I’ve heard of Sue Grafton for a while and I decided to bite the bullet and read her first alphabet book mystery . . .well, I loved it! I totally fell for Kinsey Millhone and just loved her character (reminded me of Stephanie Plum from¬†One for the Money). I was caught up in the book from the beginning and nearly stopped breathing at the end with the suspense. However, I was especially proud of myself because I figured out who the murder was a probably half way through, which is a big deal because I’m one of those people who is genuinely lost/surprised/etc at everything! I’m really hoping the rest of Grafton’s¬†books are just as good.

Kinsey Millhone is a twice divorced P.I. who loves living on her own and solving mysteries. One day she is approached by a newly released murder who claims she was falsely convicted. Kinsey remembers the case (prominent, but highly disliked, divorce lawyer found dead from pills being tampered . . . young wife the obvious killer) and decides to take it on. As she begins interviewing people, from the friendly and helpful partner (Charlie), to the first wife (Gwen), to the children, and a former secretary (Sharon), the case gets more and more muddled. Kinsey travels around interviewing, writing up case cards for the file, and getting to know Charlie, slowly falling for him. Spoilers: when the lawyer originally died, a few days later a young accountant (Libby) is found dead, but no connection is made. Kinsey is convinced that there is a connection though and investigates. During her investigation, Sharon is murdered (right before Kinsey can have a further conversation with her) and then Gwen is found dead after a hit and run (also, right before Kinsey has arranged to talk with her again . . . Gwen had just confessed to murdering her husband because he was a horrible person). In the end it all becomes clear. Charlie, who has been a gentleman, is actually a murderer, having killed Libby because she had found out he was embezzling, and following Kinsey and knocking off Sharon and Gwen. When Kinsey puts two and two together there is a final showdown where Charlie is chasing her with a knife to kill her, but Kinsey keeps her cool and shoots him. It was such a spooky, intense ending, but so good!

Summing it up: I loved Kinsey and I loved the mystery and I loved the intensity. I definitely recommend “A” is for Alibi!

All the best, Abbey


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