Maybe Someday


Maybe Someday

by Colleen Hoover

January 2017

Well, I’m back to another Colleen Hoover and to staying up until 3 am to finish reading. I really loved Maybe Someday. Hoover’s writing sweeps me away every time and I fell for her characters before the end of the first chapter. It’s so enjoyable to dive into one of Hoover’s books and be unable to leave until the story is over. There’s something wonderful about books like that.

On Sydney’s 22nd birthday she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her roommate. She’s devastated and leaves her apartment having nowhere to go. Across the common, Ridge feels guilty because he was the one to tell Sydney her boyfriend was cheating on her, so he puts her up for the night. They have just started getting to know each other over the previous two weeks. Ridge is a musician who has writer’s block. He’s plays the guitar brilliantly and Sydney is drawn to his music; listening to him play every evening as they each sit on their patios. She begins to make up lyrics and Ridge can tell. He reaches out to her in order to hear her lyrics, hoping it will help his writer’s block. He’s right and after taking her in, he proposes free housing in exchange for her lyrics. Sydney reluctantly agrees, even though she doesn’t believe she’s any good. Spoilers: Ridge and Sydney start working together and falling for each other. The problem is that Ridge already has a girlfriend and he is fiercely loyal to her. Attraction is hard to battle, though they do their best. Ridge is deaf, which makes things more complicated. He often wants to hear the vibrations of Sydney’s voice, which requires a lot of intimacy. One day they can’t fight their feelings and kiss. After that, they commit to resisting even harder, especially for Ridge’s girlfriend, Maggie. Ridge is crazy in love with her and loyal to a fault. Maggie has a terminal illness and Ridge will never leave her. After several months of this struggle Maggie has a set back and goes to the hospital, putting things into perspective for Ridge. He decides to end the relationship with Sydney, but while he’s gone, Maggie finds all his messages to Sydney and realizes what’s going on. She refuses to talk to Ridge for a few days and Sydney moves out not telling him where she’s going. Ridge is distraught until Maggie finally talks to him. When she does, she ends things, and not because she hates him. She’s been struggling to live what’s left of her life adventurously and with abandon, but Ridge is holding her back because he wants to protect her. Maggie realizes that she will be better off without Ridge and he without her, even though it’s hard, so she ends it. Meanwhile, Sydney is heartbroken, but wants to have her own life, even if Maggie and Ridge don’t stay together, so she cuts off all contact not knowing where things are at. Ridge’s other roommate, Warren, has become friends with Sydney and stays in contact with her, eventually telling her that Ridge is single, but respecting her need to stay cut off from him. This lasts for a few months, during which time, Ridge writes Sydney a few songs and plans a concert for her. On the night of the concert, Warren gets her to the venue and Ridge sings his heart out (a big deal because he’s been nonverbal since he was a kid), begging Sydney to give him a chance. Of course she agrees and they are finally able to be together! Such a beautiful ending.

Summing it up: this is another great one from Hoover. I love her love stories.

All the best, Abbey


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