The School of Greatness


The School of Greatness

by Lewis Howes

January 2017

I picked up The School of Greatness because in between my novels I enjoy reading a good self-help book. This one was good overall. I did a fair amount of skimming because I felt a bunch of the content was redundant. However, I got a lot out of it and thought there was so much good content.

This book is essentially how to achieve greatness in what’s important to you and who you are. It details what to do in order to become great and includes a “workbook” section at the end of each chapter. It’s also filled with inspiring stories of different “great” individuals, all of whom conquered some kind of adversity.

One such inspiring person, Kyle Maynard, points out about adversity that ” . . .when we go and focus on these things we have no control over, it brings us nothing but unhappiness.” He goes on to say, “Our perspective is always our choice.” Howes elaborates, “he is echoing what the philosophers have always claimed –that there is no good or bad but only our perceptions.”

Another point Howes makes focuses on not giving up on your goals and dreams, no matter what. He says, “it is the idea and intention behind not giving up or dropping out on giving your best effort at all times.” He elaborates that it’s important to hustle and not get swayed or delayed. He says, “There is a popular saying in entrepreneurial circle that goes something like this: ‘Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.'”

I loved those quotes and the whole feel of the book. Anything is possible. It’s important to find your dream and fight for it no matter what. Adversity can be your fuel. You’re dreams are attainable. And greatness is possible.

Summing it up: this is an inspiring book and is very good. I definitely recommend it!

All the best, Abbey


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