88 Instruments


88 Instruments

by Chris Barton

illustrations by Louis Thomas

I’m so excited to start sharing children’s picture books with you. I read to my two boys all the time and now I get to share my favorites. I hope you enjoy this new addition to my blog!

I love music and I’m especially drawn to books highlighting the piano as that is the instrument I play as well as teach. So, I’m a little bias to this book. That being said, this book is clever, sweet and fun. The words are silly and fun to read and the illustrations are humorous to both children (and to the adults reading to them).

The little boy in the story gets to pick one instrument to play and he has no idea what to choose.


He tries out all sorts of instruments (which I loved because you get to see all of them), and in the end he decides on the piano because of its 88 keys and the fact that it is the right fit for him. Even though it’s intimidating, he’ll take it one note at a time, until he’s ready for all 88.


Summing it up: I love the exposure to all these musical instruments and the focus on learning one. This book is fun to read and I highly recommend it!

All the best, Abbey


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