Maybe Not


Maybe Not

by Colleen Hoover

February 2017

When you read a book and love it, and then you find out there’s a sequel, you just want to devour it. Either that, or put off reading it in order to savor the goodness. I happen to fall in both campus, oscillating between inclinations. For Maybe Not, I landed in the former, and happily so. This follow-up to Maybe Someday was a novella, so it was short, sweet and cute. It also overlapped with Maybe Someday so it was nice to read it soon after as it gave the characters and storyline more depth.

If you’ve read Maybe Someday, this review will make sense and there won’t be spoilers. If you haven’t read Maybe Someday, go read it first! 😉 Warren and Bridgette are supporting characters in Maybe Someday, but Maybe Not is all about them. We learn about their relationship from its rocky start to loving finish from Warren’s perspective. It’s especially interesting to find out why Bridgette is so stony and see that Warren is a nicer guy than initially comes across. Basically, this novella is a in depth description of their romance.

Summing it up: I loved that this book was short, sweet, and super cute. I definitely recommend reading it right after Maybe Someday!

All the best, Abbey


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