Two for the Dough


Two for the Dough

by Janet Evanovich

February 2017

I finally got around to reading the second Stephanie Plum book, Two for the Dough. It was so good. I liked it better than the first one, only because the “villain” wasn’t quite as violent, even though he was a horrible, disgusting psychopath. I just love Stephanie Plum (and Morelli) and I enjoy her escapades.

This time around one, Stephanie is chasing down Kenny, a neighborhood boy who has always been odd, but recently has gone off the deep end and shot a friend. As a bounty hunter, Stephanie is assigned his case and is trying to track him down. Per usual, she doesn’t get off to a good start. She annoys everyone and Kenny starts threatening her (and later sends her body parts of dead people). Undeterred, she “works” with Morelli and gets help from Ranger. For this case, she has to frequent funeral homes and takes her grandmother along for various viewings. Her grandmother is feisty and determined, even after she gets attacked by Kenny (who is going after her to get to Stephanie). Spoilers: ultimately, Stephanie and Morelli realize that there’s a larger plot involving multiple men, caskets and army grade weapons. Stephanie and her grandmother (and Morelli) catch them all in the end. Thankfully, Kenny gets locked away.

Summing it up: I really enjoyed this second instalment. I loved the characters and the writing, and I recommend this book, especially if you enjoyed the first one.

All the best, Abbey


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