Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

by Rick Riordan

Spring 2017

I read the entire Percy Jackson series over several months and I really liked each of the five books. I loved the characters, the style and the story. I like that the books are not graphic or extremely romantic. They are perfect for middle graders and a great reprieve for older readers. There’s a nice blend of adventure and relationships that makes each book interesting and fun to read. I’ve always loved mythology, so to see it interpreted in a new way and made appealing to a new generation is awesome. I won’t go into each book’s plot because they are all very similar. In the first book Percy Jackson finds out that he is half-human, half-god and as a result is being hunted by monsters and needs training in order to stay alive. He goes to a camp just for half-bloods like himself. There he makes friends and they work together to battle monsters. Each book starts with a dire situation, like the world being taken over my monsters, then Percy and his friends have to accomplish some goal in order to prevent that from happening. Finally, they save the day. Each book incorporates new mythology and characters. The books are engaging, fun and have the perfect amount of suspense. I loved each one and look forward to reading them to my boys!

Summing it up: These books are fun, full of adventure and ones I highly recommend!

All the best, Abbey


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