The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart


The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart

by Anna Bell

March 2017

Back in March I flew out to California to visit two of my best friends and I decided to get a new Kindle book for the flights. This one looked so cute and funny, so I didn’t hesitate in getting it. Well, The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart was hilarious and sweet. I loved the humor and I thought the plot was quite clever.  The only thing I didn’t really love was how the main character, Abi, was rather blind to reality. She doesn’t realize how horrible her ex-boyfriend is and she doesn’t realize that she is a strong, capable young woman who is worth so much more that what she thinks. The ending is worth these annoyances though and I really enjoyed this book.

Abi is a young working woman who has the perfect boyfriend (or so she thinks until he breaks up with her). After Joseph dumps her, Abi gets depressed until she finds a bucket list that he wrote. She decides to do everything on the bucket list, documenting it all on Facebook, in order to win Joseph back. Along the way she meets Ben, a young bike shop owner, who agrees to help her with one of the items: a bike race. Spoilers: Abi chips away at the list always hoping to gain Joseph’s attention. By the final item: an abseil down an enormous building, Joesph has noticed Abi and asks her to get back together with him before she starts the abseil. He even tells her how impressive it is that she’s doing this. She offers for him to join her, but he declines. It’s then that she FINALLY realizes that he’s a loser! She doesn’t get back together with him and proceeds to do the abseil (which she was deathly afraid of doing). She also finally realizes that she wants to be with Ben. They’ve just had a misunderstanding, so he’s not there to support her. But when she finishes the abseil, Ben’s surprises her by being at the bottom waiting for her! It is a beautifully sweet ending and my favorite part was when Abi stood up to Joesph.

Summing it up: even though Abi’s slow growth and inability to see through Joseph got on my nerves, I ended up really liking this book and I recommend it!

All the best, Abbey


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