El Deafo


El Deafo

by Cece Bell

July 2017

El Deafo was recommended to me by a friend and when it turned up right in front of me at the library, I felt it was fate to read it right away. El Deafo is the first graphic novel I’ve ever read. I didn’t know what I’d think about all the pictures as part of the story, but I loved it. I really enjoyed reading a graphic novel and I also really enjoyed this particular story. Cece is a young girl (rabbit) who gets very sick at 4 years old and loses her hearing. The story is autobiographical and follows Cece’s perspective on her loss as she attends school from kindergarten to fifth grade. We watch Cece struggle to come to terms with her hearing aides, and find true friends. She nicknames herself El Deafo and pretends she’s a superhero with her sonic ear (heading aide). It’s cute and very clever! I loved that this is based on Cece’s life and feel honoured that she would share her story with others. It was sweet, uplifting and heartening. I’m so happy it was recommended to me! 😉

Summing it up: This story is sweet and endearing and I thoroughly enjoyed rooting for Cece! I highly recommend it!

All the best,


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