Hollow City


Hollow City

by Ransom Riggs

August 2017

I started Hollow City, the sequel to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, a while ago and it was hard to get into. I felt like Riggs was trying to hard. What I mean by that is: I felt like story revolved around the pictures. It was if he picked these pictures out and then had to stretch to make them into a story. In contrast, I felt the first book was so clever and original. So I was disappointed for most of the book and ended up putting it down for months. I was determined to finish it though because even though the “stretched” feeling was annoying, it wasn’t enough to make me give up. It wasn’t until the end of book that things picked up and I really got into it. There was a great twist and the pictures finally felt more natural and less forced. As a result, I enjoyed the ending so much and it redeemed the book. Enough so that I’ll give the third book a try (I’ll let you know how that goes).

Hollow City picks up where the first book left off: the group of peculiar children are determined to find a way turn Miss Peregrine back into herself. They need to travel to London, so they make their way there, meeting various peculiars along the way (such as the menagerie and the gypsies). Spoilers: when they eventually get to London, they find the loop that will lead them to perhaps the last ymbryne. Sure enough, Miss Wren is there and able to help turn Miss Peregrine back. But there is a twist: the peregrine is not Miss Peregrin, but her brother (who is evil). He swapped with her and has been gathering information and sending it to his wights the whole time. (The evil master plan is to removed the peculiars’ second souls to create a superior race over humans.) They all get captured and brought back to present day. On their way to the train station, one of the peculiars makes a run for it and it causes a ton of confusion, allowing for Jacob and Emma to escape (though they are the only ones). Jacob gets a call from his dad and is able to have a brief conversation before he has to run away. And that is the end (hence my wanting to read the third book).

Summing it up: this book was not my favorite, but if you’ve read the first one, it’s worth reading to continue the series.

All the best, Abbey



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