Library of Souls


Library of Souls

by Ransom Riggs

October 2017

I finally finished the Miss Peregrine series!! I’m so excited. While I started out loving the first book, the other two have been more of a drag. I wasn’t terribly interested in finishing, except that I was hooked on Jacob and Emma’s story (what can I say, I love a good love story). So, I picked up the third book and muscled through it. Very similar to the second book, it took a lot of effort to read, but was redeemed by the ending. I LOVED the ending. It made the forced aspect of the books worth it . . . thank goodness! Honestly, that’s my biggest complaint. The story line feels so forced with the pictures and the climatic parts where the bad guys keep getting ahead. It’s too much. That being said, I really loved Jacob and Emma’s story and I was very satisfied in the end. Spoilers: Jacob and Emma set off to find their captured friends. After meeting lots of strange people they find them. The ‘bad guy’ is Miss Peregrine’s brother, Caul, who has been trying to find the Library of souls (the souls of past ymbrynes) in order to harvest them and become all powerful. After fighting countless wights, partially by Jacob controlling dozens of hollowgasts, they succeed in shutting down Caul, destroying his work and wights (and hollowgasts), and returning peculiardom to peace. Sadly, Jacob decides to return to his parents, leaving his friends and Emma behind. Before long, Jacob’s parents commit him for being ‘crazy.’ But all is not lost. Miss Peregrine and the children figure out how to return themselves to their correct age and allow them to age normally and not need to be in a loop. Once they figure this out, they come to Jacob’s rescue and Jacob and Emma can be together, while Miss Peregrine promises to help Jacob’s parents come around and accept peculiardom! It’s a very sweet, very happy ending!

Summing it up: I really struggled with this one and it was hard to push through (I totally skimmed). The ending was satisfying, but I don’t know that I can really recommend it. Maybe if you’re like me, you’ll want to finish for the sake of finishing, but if you haven’t started the series, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

All the best, Abbey


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