The Shark Club


The Shark Club

by Ann Kidd Taylor

October 2017

I heard about The Shark Club somewhere. At this point, I literally can’t remember where I hear about books. Between friend recommendations, following fellow readers on Instagram and working at the library, I hear about books all the time! So, I heard about The Shark Club somewhere and ended up really enjoying it. I read it in about two sittings and was completely caught up in Maeve’s story. She had this journey that was so compelling and enjoyable to read. In addition, the writing flowed and transported me to another place. I especially enjoyed reading about marine biology and sharks. It’s a subject I know little about, so I found it fascinating to read. My one let down was actually the ending, in a way. The book was leading toward a certain outcome and then that did not happen. It was a nice ending, but a little jarring because it was unexpected to me. I still really liked the book though and keep thinking about it!

Maeve is a marine biologist specializing in sharks. She travels the world doing research and is finishing up her current travel. She’s working with another researcher, Nicholas, and while they have been professional the whole time, there is something more between them and they talk about doing more projects together and being more to each other. Maeve has to return home to compile her research however, and she is in for an unpleasant surprise when she gets there. Growing up, Maeve had her grandmother and her twin brother, Robin, as her parents died in a plane crash when she and Robin were six. They bonded with a neighborhood kid, Daniel and the three of them were inseparable. As young teenager, Maeve was bitten by a shark and Daniel saved her. Since then, Maeve has been obsessed with sharks; learning all about them and now studying them professionally, and trying to save them from shark-finners (people who capture sharks, cut off their fins, and throw them back into the ocean to drown). She and Daniel fell in love and got engaged, only to break it off when Daniel had an affair and got his lover pregnant. It’s been seven years since then and when Maeve returns home, she is met by Daniel who has moved back to town. Maeve has to come to terms with her past with Daniel, which is compounded by the fact that her brother has written a novel based on her and Daniel’s life. Spoilers: Maeve gives Daniel a second chance after she meets his spunky, ocean loving daughter and learns that his lover passed away recently. For a while they get along well, but then old problems emerge and painfully, Maeve realizes that she can’t be with Daniel just because she loves his daughter. It’s very sad because she and the little girl start “the shark club” and bond really well. Maeve also forgives her brother for writing his book and decides to give Nicholas a chance now that she’s not being pulled in another direction. As a side story, there is a shark-finning operation going on and she is able to find the people responsible and bring them to justice.

Summing it up: I literally got swept away by this book and even though I was taken off guard by the ending, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it!

Best, Abbey


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