Zenn Diagram


Zenn Diagram

by Wendy Brant

November 2017

This book was adorable . . . I could not put it down. It was one of those books that sweeps you up and completely draws you in. I loved the writing. It was easy and natural; truly enjoyable to read. The characters were original and relatable, which made me love the story that much more. And of course, the plot was sweet and satisfying. I closed the book with a sigh because it was so enjoyable and ended in the best way possible (so satisfying). Brant is very gifted and I’m so happy I read her book!

Eva is a senior in high school who is brilliant at math. She has a special gift of seeing what she calls fractals (colorful swirls that come off people or objects she touches). They tell her a little bit about the person and what they’re holding inside, like anger, jealousy or fear. It’s turned Eva into a bit of recluse, but even so, she has friends and tutors in math. One day Eva gets a new student to tutor, Zenn. He is new to town, gorgeous and a bit mysterious. They hit it off, but Eva is hesitant because of her atypical life. When she was a baby, her parents were killed in a car crash and her aunt and uncle adopted her. They had quadruplets 14 years later, so Eva helps a lot with her toddler siblings. He dad is a paster and her biggest struggle is trying to get in and pay for college. Zenn has his own painful past; his dad is not in the picture and his mom regularly drinks too much. He has to work multiple jobs in order to stay solvent. As Zenn and Eva’s relationship heats up they have to confront their past to make sense of the future. Spoilers: Zenn’s dad was drunk driving years ago and killed Eva’s parents. Zenn’s mom was there and pregnant with Zenn with it all happened. Zenn and Eva realize this and it almost tears them a part, especially when Eva’ mom finds out and doesn’t want Eva to have anything to do with Zenn. On top of everything, Eva (who up to this point hasn’t touched anyone) realizes that she can touch Zenn and there are no fractals, which allows them to get closer. They both are trying to get a scholarship and when they realize they are both going for it, they each withdrawal unbeknownst to the other one, but when they find out it threatens to pull them a part. They finally talk about everything, sort it out, and realize that they are good together and that they can move past all these things getting in their way and they happily get together! As a bonus, a newspaper learns about their whole story, and it goes viral, resulting in a gofundme account that helps to put Eva and Zenn through school.

Summing it up: this book was was so sweet and satisfying . . . I highly recommend it!

Best, Abbey


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